Save time on your journeys with iBus

TMB iBus is a free service that we offer so that you can find out how long the bus will take to get to your stop on your mobile or on the Internet in real time.

How can I consult TMB iBus?

  • At bus stops with information screens.
  • By Internet to your mobile: from your phone find out when your bus is due via TMBapp or our mobile site www.tmb.cat/mobile.
  • QR code: QR codes are labels, in this case stuck on bus stops, that contain data (two-dimensional barcodes) and that can be read by camera phones. This automatically opens a browser page containing information on the buses that stop at that stop, when the next ones are due and any service disruptions.
  • On our website: just log on to TMB and use the app.
  • By SMS to your mobile: send your bus stop code (4 figures) + the bus number to 217412 and you’ll get an SMS telling you when the next two buses are due at your stop (e.g.: Time (space) stop_code (space) number_line).

Remember that due times are approximate. The TMB iBus service is free, but your mobile operator may charge for the use of infrastructure.

See article  "How the iBus due time service works" in Hora Punta magazine Obre la pàgina en una finestra nova for more information.