Every year TMB publishes the main data on its public transport management in Barcelona. The document includes areas such as staff, demand and occupation, number of lines and stops, fleet, etc.

Data as at 31.12.2013.

Download Basic Data 2014 in PDF format

Length of network: 102,6 km
Fleet: 165 trains
Number of stations: 141
No. of rush hour trains: 134
Supply: 84.303,28 vehicles-km (thousands)
15.448,86 places-km in operation (millions)
Demand: 369,94 million journeys
Length of network: 878,98 km
Fleet: 1.065 buses
Number of lines: 102
Number of stops: 2.562
Bus lane: 151,40 km
Average rush hour speed: 11,74 km/h
Average speed over day: 12,30 km/h
Supply: 40.781,08 buses-km (thousands)
3.357,11 places-km in operation (millions)
Rush hour buses: 835
Demand: 176,71 million journeys
Barcelona Bus Turístic
Fleet: 74 buses
Length of run:
Blue Route 19,504 km
Red Route: 23,489 km
Green Route: 7,664 km
Number of stops:
Blue Route: 14
Red Route: 22
Green Route: 8
Tramvia Blau
Length of run: 1.276 m
Elevation gain: 93 m
Maximum speed attained: 3,6 m/s
Capacity per tram: 48
Telefèric de Montjuïc
Length of run: 752 m
Elevation gain: 84,55 m
Number of cable cars: 55
Capacity per car: 8
System capacity: 2.000 passengers/hour
Speed 2,5 - 5 m/s
Funicular de Montjuïc
Length of run: 758 m
Frequency: 10 min
Commercial speed: 7 m/s
Passengers/hour, in each direction: 8.000
Max. capacity per train: 400
Maximum speed 10 m/s
Maximum gradient 18%