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What are the metro operating hours?

The Barcelona metro opens every day at 5.00 am, except on days when it runs all night (and doesn't close).

The metro closes at different times, depending on the day. They are as follows:

  • Weekdays (Monday to Thursday): until midnight.
  • Fridays and eves of public holidays: until 2.00 am.
  • Saturdays: runs all night.
  • Sundays and mid-week holidays: until midnight.
  • 24 December: until 11.00 pm.
  • Other nights when it doesn't close:
    • from 23 to 24 June (Saint John's Eve)
    • from 14 to 15 August (festes de Gràcia)
    • from 23 to 24 September (la Mercè)
    • from 25 to 26 September (festes de la Mercè)
    • from 31 December to 1 January (New Year's Eve)

Can I take my dog on public transport?

On both the metro and buses, the only animals allowed are assistance dogs (such as guide dogs), which must wear a tag and a blue jacket, and those accompanying security guards, or pets that are in a rigid container which entirely encloses the animal and ensures that it cannot soil or inconvenience passengers.

Dogs with ID microchips and registered on the municipal pet register are also be authorised to travel on the metro. Find out the terms and conditions of taking dogs on the metro.

What steps does TMB take to keep people from using the metro and bus without validating their travel card?

We at TMB are committed to fighting uncivilised behaviour on our transport networks, through awareness-raising campaigns and specific measures to penalise fraud and uncivilised behaviour.

For more information on the types of infringement and the procedures available, check Information.

How do I submit a complaint, claim or suggestion?

By any of these means:

  1. The form provided on the Complaints, claims and suggestions page.
  2. A claim form, which you can get in any metro network station or from any Punt TMB information and customer service centre.
  3. Calling the free number 900 70 11 49, Monday to Friday, except public holidays, from 8.00 am to 9.00 pm.

How can I get information on an item lost on the bus or metro?

Items found on the metro or TMB buses are sent to the customer service centre Punt TMB Diagonal; you can go there personally or can enquire by telephone from 5 pm on the day following the loss. You can also use this form. If the item lost is at this Punt TMB, you can claim it by showing your ID card or passport.

Can I change lines if I have a single ticket?

A single ticket is not part of the integrated fare system, it allows you to make one journey only with the operator from whom it was bought.

From what age must children have a validated ticket?

From age four onwards: children under four travel free.

Can a single travel card be shared by several people on one journey?

Yes, several people can use the same travel card, provided that it is a multi-person card (e.g. T-10 or T-70/30), and is validated for all the people travelling together on that card. On the metro, they must all stay together until they leave the premises. On the bus, they get can get off at different stops, but the person who has the card must get off last.

I'll be in the city soon. What's the best way to get around?

With an Hola BCN! travel card you can make unlimited journeys in Barcelona and the metropolitan area on public transport: metroTMB buses, TRAM Opens page in new window, urban railway FGC Opens page in new window and zone-one regional rail Rodalies de Catalunya Opens page in new window
Hola BCN! offers unlimited journeys over 2, 3, 4 or 5 consecutive days as of the first validation.
More information on Hola BCN!

I'd like to know how I can get an Hola BCN! card.

You can buy Hola BCN! travel cards by clicking on Buy online and get 10% off Opens page in new window. You can also buy Hola BCN! cards at ticket vending machines in Barcelona metro stations and at Punts TMB.

How is the validity calculated for travel cards that last a specific number of days?

The validity period begins on the day of the first validation. On the metro and TMB buses, urban FGC lines and the Tram, the service day starts at 4.00 am and ends at 3.59 am the following day, so validations made between midnight and 3.59 am count as having been made the previous day. For Rodalies de Catalunya the service day is the same as a calendar day.

Why do lines in the new bus network have different names?

The names of bus lines in the new bus network are not random, but follow criteria that help identify them and find them on the map.

  • Lines that start with an H run horizontally Llobregat–Besòs. Even numbers mean they are closer to the mountain (the lower numbers) or to the sea (higher numbers alts). So, the H10 route is closer to the sea than the H8.
  • Lines that start with a V run vertically sea–mountain. Odd numbers indicate whether they are closest to the Llobregat (V3) or the Besòs (V27).
  • The D20 runs diagonally (Pg. Marítim-Ernest Lluch). In subsequent stages other diagonal routes will be introduced on Avinguda Meridiana and Avinguda Diagonal.


What is a double stop?

This is a stop where two buses can drop off and pick up passengers at the same time.

A double stop has a central section, made up of one or two shelters, and two posts indicating the two different stopping areas. The posts are numbered 1 and 2. The first bust arriving at the stop stops at post 1. If another bus arrives while stop one is occupied, it stops at post 2. Should a third bus arrive, it waits until at least post 2 is free. If 1 and 2 are free, it pulls up at the first.

What are interchange hubs?

The advantage of the new bus network is that it facilitates changes from bus to other modes of public transport. Importance has been given to the interchange hubs where these lines cross. Any journey between two points in the network can be completed at one of these transfer points.

Interchange hubs are designed so that users make the shortest journey possible between stops on the different lines in accordance with accessibility criteria. They feature the following signs and information:

  • Area maps showing the location of stops and nearby landmarks.
  • Signs highlighting the location of interchange stops.
  • Indicators on the pavement showing the best route between stops on the different lines, shortening connection times.
  • All stops linked at the same interchange point have the same name. For instance, Plaça Espanya or Prat de la Riba.

How many times can I change having validated an integrated travel card once?

With an integrated travel card you can change up to three times (that is, you can use up to four modes of transport) regardless of the number of zones the card is valid for. However, you cannot change to another bus of the same number or enter the metro more than once.

How can I stay up to date with the stages and changes on other bus lines?

Go to the Your bus sections "Service status/Bus" and "New bus network" of this website or to the new bus network Opens page in new window website.

Follow us on the social networks Twitter Opens page in new window and Facebook Opens page in new window, where we publish, amongst others, information of interest to public transport users. Specifically, for information on the new bus network, we use the hashtags #busbcn and #nxbus.

You can also sign up for the Club JoTMBé Opens page in new window digital newsletter and alert service, and read the news in our digital magazine Hora Punta Opens page in new window.