3 day Barcelona travel card - 20.50€

With your Hola BCN! travel card, you can make unlimited journeys all over Barcelona and the metropolitan area on public transport: metro, Montjuïc funicular and bus (TMB), local train (FGC), tram (TRAM) and regional train in Barcelona (Rodalies de Catalunya). Valid also for Aeroport T1 and Aeroport T2 metro stations on line L9 Sud. As many journeys as you need!

Buy online Hola BCN! and get 10% off

How does it work?

  • To purchase your Hola BCN! travel card, you can either buy online your Hola BCN! 3-day Barcelona travel card and get 10% off Opens in new window or you can buy the travel card when you arrive in Barcelona at ticket vending machines and Punts TMB located in metro stations or at Tourist Information Offices around the city.
  • If you buy the travel card online you can have it sent to your home by registered post, or you can change vouchers at the ticket vending machines in the metro.
  • The travel card will be valid for three consecutive days from the moment it is first used.
  • Your Hola BCN! travel card is valid for one person only.
  • If not validated, the card will expire on 28 February of the year following that of purchase.
  • The cost of an Hola BCN! travel card is the same for all ages.
  • To use your card, simply validate it upon entering a mode of transport. Keep it in good condition.
  • If you have problems using your Hola BCN! card, please contact a member of staff in the metro or on the bus.
  • For more information, see the terms of use of tickets.


  • All the journeys you need for three days for one price.
  • It includes changeovers between different travel operators.
  • It’s easy and helps you save.